OTD,OTDA,Ortho Toluenediamine

Item Code: Features:CAS:4760-34-3
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1.Brief Description
1)Chemical Name:OTD,OTDA,Ortho Toluenediamine
2)UN NO.:3077
3)Normalized Isomer ration:
    3,4-Toluenediamine  CAS:496-72-0    60%
    2,3-Toluenediamine  CAS:2687-25-4  40%
4)Molecular formula:C7H10N2
5)Molecular Weight:122

It is light grey solid and very unstable at normal temperature so that its color can change quickly.Ignition point:62.78C, flash point:157.22C, spontaneous: 540C.
It is soluble in water, benzene, chloroform, ethyl acetate and alcoho,etc. It has irritated feel to skin.


Item Specification
Appearance light gyey
Purity (%) 99.5
Melting point(C) 60 -62
Moisture(%) 0.20
Density(24C) 1.05
PH 11.5-12.0

It is used as chemical intermediate in order to corrosion inhibitor tolyltriazole, antioxidant MMB etc.

OTD as a polyether initiator made the polyether, The foam being made of this polyether have uniformity,meticulous properties, and no contraction.It can improve the foams performance of heat insulation and its the measurement of low-temperature performance.Besides.,polyether which is made of OTD have better compatibility with cyclopentane.

It can substitute for o-phenylenediamine,and can be used many other fields such as epoxy resin curing, inimer formed, cross-linked of polymer.

5.Package:200 kgs/drum, as customer's required.

6.Storage:Stored in draughty, dry place. Do not put it together.

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