Item Code: Features:CAS NO.: 95-14-7
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1.Brief Description
1)Chemical Name: 1,2,3-Benzotriazole;1,2-Aminoazophenylene;1,2,3-Triazaindene
2)Molecular Formula: C6H5N3
3)Molecular Weight: 119
4)CAS No.: 95-14-7  
5)HS CODE: 29339900.99
6)Hazard Class: None
7)UN Code: None

BTA is bitter,odorless,boiling point is 204℃ (15mmHg),soluble in alcohol,  benzene,toluene,chloroform and dimethylformamide,and slightly soluble in water.


Item Specification
Appearance White needle shape
Purity, %   99.5 min
Colour APHA (Hazen) 40.0 max
Moisture, % 0.04 max
Melting point, ℃ 96.0 min
Ash content, % 0.03 max

It's mainly used as rust-preventer,antifreezing liquid,antioxidant additive(including lubricating oil,hydraulic oil,brake oil,transformer's oil), emugent, water stabilizer,the additive for high molecular materials (polyester and polyesteramide) capacity of ultraviolet resistance and anti-static electricity, photographic antifogging agent,copper mine flotation,metal's slow corrosion etc.

5.Package:25kg /bag or on the clients' requirements.

6.Storage:Stored in draughty, dry place.

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